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FATCA & CRS Reporting

Bolster FATCA & CRS Reporting

FATCA & CRS Reporting

The Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA) stands as a pivotal regulation. It mandates that any foreign financial institution (FFI) must diligently report financial accounts held for US citizens, along with entities in which US citizens own substantial stakes. Failure to report incurs a hefty penalty—a 30% withholding tax on US income payments.

Parallelly, the Common Reporting Standard (CRS) mirrors FATCA's objectives globally, ensuring participating nations gain insights into the offshore financial assets held by their residents. This transparency acts as a deterrent against offshore tax evasion.

At the close of each year, banks mandate their account holders to fill intricate forms to meet international requirements. While mandatory, these forms are often complicated and time-consuming. Mistakes can be costly. This is where we come in.

Our dedicated compliance specialist team understands the nuances of FATCA and CRS regulations. We assist and guide you through the labyrinth of forms, ensuring accurate and timely submissions. By partnering with us, you guarantee your full compliance with international standards without the burden of complex paperwork.

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