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Trust offer a strategic solution. By transferring your assets and selecting beneficiaries wisely, you fortify your succession plan while maintaining control and tax efficiency.
Bolster Group is specialised in precisely tailored trust establishment services. Our expert team, including professionals in insurance, finance, and wealth management, customizes trusts to your unique needs.

Within the business sector, securing your wealth is vital.

Our Focus :

Strategic Trust Structure
We design trusts aligned with your wealth preservation goals and financial aspirations.
Careful Beneficiary Selection
We guide you in selecting beneficiaries thoughtfully, ensuring your legacy unfolds as you intend.
Asset Preservation
Trust us to preserve your assets diligently, safeguarding your financial legacy for generations.
Tax Optimization
We optimize your tax liabilities, ensuring your wealth is protected and grows efficiently.
Corporate Trustee Solutions
Our dedicated corporate trustees manage trust assets meticulously, executing your vision seamlessly.


A foundation, much like a company, is a legal entity with its own legal personality, designed to protect and manage assets effectively.
By transferring your assets to a foundation, it operates as a shield between the founder and the assets, enhancing security while allowing you to maintain control over your business ventures.

We specialise in establishing foundations tailored to your specific needs. Our experienced team, including financial advisors and legal experts, ensures meticulous compliance with regulations and laws, guaranteeing your foundation operates seamlessly within the legal framework. In addition, we also offer bookkeeping and tax handling services guaranteeing precise record-keeping to meet your financial obligations.

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